Types of Hearing aids and Its Uses

Types of Hearing Aids and It’s Uses

Hearing Aids

Which type of hearing aid is suitable to you?

In a current trend there are so many types of hearing aids are available with different designs and colours. Each and every hearing aid models are designed for a particular hearing loss problem.

Generally hearing aids are fitted In the ear or Behind the ear and Inside the Canal hearing aids. The common abbreviations of these hearing aids are:

Receiver in Canal – RIC

Behind the Ear – BTE

In the Ear – ITE

The hearing aid ITE is also named as custom hearing aids for the reason of, it is very comfortable and its custom made very easy to fit within both the ears. It also two types of hearing aids,

CIC – Completely in the Canal

IIC – Invisible in the Canal

Now we go to see the function and uses of all the hearing aids here. These hearing aids are now available in all the hearing aid centre in Chennai and they will suggest suitable hearing aids related to your hearing loss problem.

Receiver in the Canal Hearing aid (RIC)

This type of hearing aid is fitted like other hearing aids, but the receiver of this hearing aid is positioned inside the canal of the ear. And the outer unit is fits behind the ear. Since the beneficiary is no longer restricted inside it, the BTE unit is little, light, and unnoticeable.

BTE – Behind the Ear Hearing Aid

Behind the ear hearing aid is generally suitable to all kinds of hearing loss problem who all facing small to deep loss problem. These are available in different styles and sizes. This has features, multiple directional microphone systems to improve the clear understanding of voices at very noisy places. It is available in two types of fitted open fit and closed fit.

In the Ear Hearing Aids (ITE)

This type of hearing aids is suggested to whom all facing hearing loss very mild to deep. ITE completely fits inside the ear of the canal and fitted depends on the needs of the ear. It has a wide range of designs and colours. It has two models called CIC and IIC. IIC hearing aid is fitted inside the canal and it is not visible to see. The hearing aids CIC is fitted completely inside the canal and it is sealed the bowl of the ear.

These are common hearing aid in Chennai mostly suggested by hearing care professionals and doctors. The other branded hearing aids are also available, Siemens hearing aids and Phonak Hearing aid in Chennai.

Siemens is most popular branded for hearing aids.


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