Hearing Aid

Behind The Ear(BTE)

  • Fits behind the ear.
  • Custom earpiece is molded to fit your outer ear.
  • Appropriate for almost all types of hearing loss.

Receiver In The Canal(RIC)

hearing aid

  • Leaves the ear open.
  • Reduced or no “plugged up” feeling.
  • For mild to severe hearing loss.

In The Canal(ITC)

  • Fits in the ear canal.
  • Barely visible, it’s the smallest aid available with directional technology for hearing better in noise.
  • For mild to severe hearing loss.

Completely In The Canal(CIC)

  • Molded to fit deeply within the ear canal, it’s the hearing aid.
  • Placement within the ear cuts down on wind noise.
  • For mild to severe hearing loss.

Invisible In The Canal(IIC)

  • Molded to fit comfortably in ear canal’s second bend, they are truly invisible to those around you.
  • Virtually feedback free.
  • For mild to moderate hearing loss.