Hearing Loss

What is Hearing Loss ?

Hearing loss is the inability to hear partially or totally in one or both ears. Generally, sound is indicated by ‘frequency’ and ‘intensity’. In ‘frequency’, our ears can normally hear between 20 to 20,000 Hertz. When hearing threshold or the least hearing ability of a person is over 25 dB (decibel), then it can be termed as hearing loss or impairment. Hearing loss treatment involves diagnosis of the type and degree of hearing loss and based on the type and degree of hearing loss the treatment would be either medical or rehabilitative.

Hearing Loss: Facts & Figures

  • Approximately, 33% of the world’s population above 65 years are affected by significant hearing loss
  • In urban and rural India, the prevalence of hearing problem at 60 years of age are about 62% and 56%, respectively
  • In India, Hearing Loss has been identified as the topmost cause of sensory deficit
  • Every year 7% children are born with hearing disability

Causes of Hearing Loss

  • We are regularly exposed to various types of sounds, which are surfacing every now and then. Hearing loss or problem can occur from one or multiple reasons; the most common factors as well as specific causes leading to hearing loss among adults and children are:

Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss

  • If a person is unable to lead normal life due to difficulty in hearing, this is the early indication of hearing loss. Here are some of the most significant symptoms of hearing loss. If you have been facing such situations repetitively and frequently, you might be on the verge of hearing loss.
  • Require frequent repetition
  • Have difficulty in following group conversation
  • Have your TV or radio volume turned up too high
  • Respond inappropriately in conversations
  • Have ringing in your ears
  • Feel stressed-out from straining to hear others
  • Feel annoyed at others as you can’t hear properly
  • Withdraw from social situations because of hearing difficulty
  • Have a family history of hearing loss
  • Take medicines that can harm the hearing system (ototoxic drugs)