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Firstly, we will conduct comprehensive hearing assessment of your ears, our experienced audiologist will take pure tone audiometry to determine the degrees of hearing loss. It will take only few minutes at no cost.


You will have life changing counselling session with wide range of topics like, health benefits of hearing aid, types & styles, technology, financial assistance, assistive listening devices, Bluetooth etc…At the end of the session fructification of your healthy hearing will be done with your preferable hearing aid.


Geetham Hearing Care is famed for our after care for many years. you can come to us for any kind of hearing assessments, Hearing aid calibration and general service, which are free for life. you can get all types of hearing aid spares and accessories instantly.


Trial and Fitting

You will have your hearing aid trial and fitting session to meet your hearing needs perfectly! For that,we use a Sophisticated Speaker System (among other things) for you to experience a wide range of sounds. This is to save you the hassle of manually going to place to try out the hearing aids – for example, a crowded restaurant, living room, traffic etc.,

We also provide Home Visits

The hearing aid fitting and comprehensive hearing assessment will be done with respect to the environment noise of your home’s surroundings. Senior citizens and for those with special needs and requirements.

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