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About Us

About Us

Geetham Hearing Care

About Us

Geetham Hearing Care is a leading hearing aid dispenser in Chennai since 1985 that ensure international standards in hearing diagnostics, quality of hearing aid products, professional services and patient care. Every day we open up a world of sound for our patients. At GHC we are proud to assist you by providing you with not only world class hearing diagnosis but also with the most technologically advanced hearing aids available. We believe in using superior hearing aid technology as a means to achieve something even greater creating meaningful connections between people and their worlds. It has been more than a decade long journey and GHC is proud to have touched the lives of so many people by enabling them to hear once again. Our focus is not just to provide hearing aids but to improve the hearing lives of people.

We believe in the concept of the ‘We’ rather than ‘I’:

We believe in the collaborative team work in unison rather than in isolation.

Our Commitment:

Initiated in 1985, we started with only one clinic and then went on to operate pan India within a span of 35 years.

Our Dedication:

Undertaking client satisfaction as our utmost concern, our back office team is working incessantly to provide uninterrupted support & services to all our clients.

Our Innovation:

We have revolutionized the speech and hearing industry with our ingenious strategies and procedures. We believe we will continue to initiate new strategies to reach our vision.